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Mobility WOD



The Squat Challenge


Today is day 7 of my squat challenge that requires 30 minutes of sitting in a deep squat position for 30 days. This challenge was created by movement expert Ido Portal who believes that it will significantly improve not only your hip, knee and ankle flexibility, but also your digestive system among other things. I have been breaking it up into 10 minute slots morning, lunch and evening. At first I was wearing shoes with roughly a 6 mm heel and holding onto a kettle bell for some balance and not worrying about a straight back, just relaxing into the bottom which he says is totally fine. I realized I was ready to wear minimal shoes or go barefoot and didn’t need the counterbalance anymore. Pretty happy that I can easily do 10 minutes so may even increase it next week. It was hard to get back up out of the squat for the first few days but I’m finding it easier now. I’m sure it will start to get harder though still a long way to go. I’ll let you know in 23 days.

Perfect Practice


My coach reminded me the other day that there is always something you can be working on. He said ‘practice perfect practice’, (or something like that). So for me this meant spending time tightening up my butterfly pullups. It’s a huge humbling smack in the face when you think you are pretty good at something only to take some time off, come back and realize how inefficient you actually were moving and having to relearn things from scratch all over again. It is all too easy to get caught up in the daily brutal wod and not focus on what is really important. Every wonky thoughtless rep you do is one extra rep down the wrong road, one extra rep that needs to be unlearned and redone the right way and I am guilty of this from time to time. Now back to the drawing board. The box is our place we go to master our art. Practice perfectly people.